The Philosophy of Phi Beta Sigma’s – Iota Phi Sigma Chapter

The most important aspect of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, or any fraternity for that matter, is its
philosophy. It is of course important to have a thorough knowledge of the history of the Fraternity,
and to be well informed of its functions, but it is far more important for – the member to know
what his Fraternity believes in, what it attempts to promote, and the end towards which it moves.
13173802_10209439081593972_1652889235274059047_nFor therein is found the philosophy of the organization, and the greatness of Sigma must and will be measured in terms of ideals and its practices.  The ideals of the Fraternity have been crystallized into three principles: The first is
BROTHERHOOD. Ours is a real brotherhood with tested and abiding fellowship, a brotherhood that calls for and gladly gives its best in the hour of need. It is a spiritual fellowship that binds us in all activities along life’s narrow pathway. Upon it rests the social welfare of each and every brother.

The second principle, SERVICE, is a keystone of all activities, the source of all joy, the basis of all happiness, and the fountain of all love from which all mankind may drink. A fruitful life is one that is spent for the blessings of others.

The third principle, SCHOLARSHIP, is esteemed most highly as a necessary development of
a keen percept and a sound judgment. Scholarship expresses itself not only in the acquirement
of a superior mind, but also in superior character. The ideal of scholarship should ever be kept
uppermost in our minds so that we may be a beacon light among men.

The three great ideals of Phi Beta Sigma: Brotherhood, Service and Scholarship – when interpreted
in their fullest meaning become its philosophy. Giving those ideals practical meaning has made and
must continue to make Phi Beta Sigma a great and dynamic Fraternity.